Lars Sullivan Says It’s Too Easy Upsetting WWE Fans — But He LOVES Doing It

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Lars Sullivan’s “representative” is at it again and this time he has a message about how much Sullivan enjoys upsetting us. After all, he did debut on the RAW After WrestleMania by demolishing Kurt Angle.

William Christensen, who by the way shares a name with a famous ballet dancer that passed away in 2001 (so it’s not the same person) tweeted out on behalf of Sullivan with a very interesting statement.

William Christensen here with another update on Lars! Lars would like to convey to the public that he finds great pleasure and humor in upsetting the WWE Universe. His only complaint is that it’s too easy to do so! His quote after both Monday and Tuesday night, “lol”.



We will have to see what Sullivan does on Monday or Tuesday. Either WWE brand would be lucky to have The Freak. The Superstars on the brand Sullivan ends up on are the people that might need to worry.

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