Why Drew McIntyre Disappeared During SmackDown Live Main Event

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Drew McIntyre showed up on SmackDown Live this week in a pretty good surprise to help out The Bar in a six-man tag team match against The New Day. Then when the main event match came McIntyre ghosted about three minutes into the contest. A lot of fans were wondering what happened whether McIntyre was sick or injured, but it turns out WWE had their own reasons for doing this.

Dave Meltzer noted during Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE didn’t want Drew McIntyre anywhere close to the losing side of that contest. So when the match actually came around they decided that McIntyre leaving the match would make the most sense.

“In fact he was not hurt at all. It was booked that way. Everything went exactly as it was supposed to go go. This is the idea and actually I’m not even knocking the idea, I’m just telling you what the idea was that since Drew McIntyre lost at WrestleMania to Roman Reigns that management felt it was best to protect Drew McIntyre because you know they need him to be a top guy. Sheamus and Ceasro were going to lose the the match so they didn’t want Drew McIntyre anywhere near visible on the losing side of a 6-man tag. They didn’t want him there.”

“So the idea is that when you watch the match and Kofi Kingston pins I think Sheamus with the Trouble In Paradise you forget that Drew McIntyre is even in the match and therefore, he’s not hurt.”

This is indeed a very interesting decision. It also begs the question why WWE booked McIntyre in this match in the first place if they didn’t want to see him losing. We might never know that exact reasoning, but apparently, the decision was made to have him take off on The Bar instead of sticking around until the end.

Perhaps this will play out later on down the line, but we can only imagine what they are planning with the Superstar Shake-Up being next week

If you the quotes in this article credit Ringside News

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