E & C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Tony Schiavone – Women to Main Event ‘Mania, Favourite Commentary Partner, What Was the Beginning of WCW’s Demise? More!

Schiavone says he’ll never forget the day he could sense a shift from Eric Bischoff and WCW, as they began moving into direct competition with WWE. He never had any ill will towards WWE, McMahon or Jim Ross, but Bischoff was determined to “drive a stake through McMahon’s heart”.

He thinks WCW’s demise started with the production of Thunder. Bischoff was firmly against it and told employees of WCW that they wouldn’t be doing another show unless Ted Turner personally told him they had to do it. Apparently that’s exactly what happened because within a month Thunder debuted.

Bischoff and Schiavone were concerned with the ability to produce two weekly shows as the talent would be spread too thin, and it was also very expensive to produce two weekly shows. He notes that this ill-advised decision came as a result of WCW being a television company compared to WWE being a wrestling company.

Edge asks Schiavone to name his favourite commentary partner. Schiavone says that’s a very difficult question to answer because he loved all of his partners. He learned a lot from Gorilla Monsoon, but he thinks he did his best work with Jim Ross. He thought they had great chemistry, great respect for the business and for each other.