WWE Botches Asuka’s Title Run Even After Losing SmackDown Women’s Championship

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Asuka is no longer WWE’s SmackDown Women’s Champion. This title loss to Charlotte Flair upset a lot of fans, but it will hopefully all make sense in the end.

WWE likes to put out side plates for fans who collect replica titles. Asuka got her side plates, however, it was a little late. Despite the fact that WWE handed the title to Asuka at TLC, she did not receive her official side plates in the WWE Shop until days after dropping the title.

It’s curious why it took WWE so long to get this done for Asuka. Then again, they didn’t really treat her title run as anything special to begin with. It does still give her fans an opportunity to collect The Empress Of Tomorrow’s side plates so they can relive her title run and imagine that she had more successful defenses.

Maybe the next time WWE puts the title on someone they can get ahead of the ball a little bit. Because it will be very surprising to see who orders those plates after her run is already over.

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