E & C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Tony Schiavone – Women to Main Event ‘Mania, Favourite Commentary Partner, What Was the Beginning of WCW’s Demise? More!

Schiavone is not a fan of the over-scripted nature of the business today. He doesn’t want to criticize Vince McMahon because it’s obvious what he’s meant to the business, but when you micro-manage and over-script the talent, you take away from the talent’s ability to bring something fresh to the table and to get themselves and their feuds over.

Schiavone informs that he started working for WWE in 1989. Vince McMahon called him and told him that he was looking for someone to replace him as the lead commentator, and he liked Schiavone’s voice and announcing style. They set up a time for Schiavone to fly to New York and meet.

He did SummerSlam and the Royal Rumble but not Survivor Series, and McMahon seemed to lose confidence in him as a lead commentator. Schiavone also found it difficult to live in New York with his family as he had five small children at that time. It wasn’t really a great life for them there. Eventually they left and returned to the South.

He says he still regrets leaving there because he had a great year with the company and learned so much while he was there. He’s had a great life in Georgia, but if he could do it all over again he would have never left WWE. He says he really loved the production side of the business, and shooting and editing vignettes.

Written by Brad Tuck

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