Ronda Rousey is not pulling any punches in her angles leading into WrestleMania. It will be her second outing on the grandest stage of them all, but she will be entering this year’s event as a big-time heel.

Dana Brooke stepped up to Ronda Rousey last week because she had nothing left to lose. Then she received a massive beating for her troubles. That scored her an actual RAW Women’s Title match this week and Ronda Rousey was not shy about telling fans how it is going to go down.

“Listen, Dana Brooke is a fitness model gymnast and I am a natural born killer and everyone’s gonna get really uncomfortable when they see the difference on Monday.”

That is all Ronda Rousey had to say before shoving the camera to the side. Let’s just stay tuned to RAW tonight because this is either setting Dana Brooke up for a massive push or an ungodly beating. It is very likely that Brooke is going to take a beating either way, only time will tell how this will elevate her in the end.

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