Mike Kanellis and Maria Kanellis are still representing the Power Of Love on 205 Live. Maria is also known to show love on her social media accounts as well. Some photos are rather sultry and apparently, certain fans have an issue with this.

Kanellis recently posted a message on social media directed at those who think they can tell him what his wife should be posting online. He defended Maria Kanellis’ choices of what she releases and then revealed that he’s usually the cameraman. So he is well aware of what she is putting out there online.

In 2019, and I’m not sure why I still need to address this, but I will. Whenever my wife posts photos on her social media, I get flooded with comments from men, and I use that term loosely, telling me how I feel or should feel about her posting certain photos. Let me clarify, my wife’s body is hers. Her decisions and choices are hers. I don’t, nor would I ever, tell her what to do, say or post. My wife is a beautiful, smart, intelligent woman and if she wants to show off her gorgeous body, then I will be cheering her on the whole way. Also 99% of the time, I’m the one taking the picture. So please stop telling me how I feel or should feel.

Maria Kanellis is a smart businesswoman. She realizes what drives traffic. This is why these photos exist, but even if nobody liked or shared her posts, Maria is still more than capable of making her own choices about what is on her social media accounts. She is a consenting adult and very proud of her appearance as she should be.


Hopefully, Mike Kanellis was able to clear some things up with this post on his own social media account.

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