Talk is Jericho Recap – Live Q&A with Jericho, Success of WCW’s Cruiserweight Division, Best Friend in the Wrestling Business, More!

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Another fan asks Jericho how the business has changed in the last 20 years. Jericho points out that up until a few years ago you needed to be in WWE in order to make a good living in the wrestling business. That has changed recently, and now we’re seeing some more competition pop up, which is good for everyone, WWE included.

He adds that when he broke into the wrestling business it was like a secret society with special handshakes and carnie language. That’s not the case today at all. Another big change is the size of wrestlers. Jericho was a smaller wrestler when he broke into the business, and now he’s one of the larger wrestlers in WWE.

A fan asks Jericho to name the toughest era to work in and get over in as a wrestler. Jericho says the Attitude era was probably the toughest because even though he was popular, he could never get to the level of someone like The Rock or Steve Austin. He adds that there were probably 12 bonafide hall of famers working in WWE at that time.

Another fan asks Jericho who he’d choose to have a dream match with. Jericho informs that he had 3 heroes growing up; Shawn Michaels, Ricky Steamboat and Owen Hart. He got to work with Michaels and steamboat but never got to work with Owen. One of the reasons he left WCW to go to WWE was to potentially work with Owen, but before he got there Owen had passed.

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