The first fan asks Jericho how he manages to do so many things at once. Jericho says that time management and multi-tasking is very important. From a very young age he wanted to be in a rock ‘n roll band and wanted to be a wrestler. As a 17 year old kid he made the decision to eliminate the negativity surrounding his goals and made it his mission to accomplish those goals.

Once he accomplished those two goals, he became “dangerous” because now he’s not afraid to try anything. If he wants to book his own cruise he’s going to try it. He notes that you shouldn’t listen to all the naysayers. Don’t take no for an answer, and always follow your dreams.

Another fan asks Jericho if he has any crazy stories from the indies. He notes that his time on the Indies was limited, basically from 1990-1992. Ever since then he’s had a full-time job in the wrestling business. He recalls working a show in a small town in Alberta one time and only 7 people showed up. He says it’s way easier to wrestle in front of 70,000 people at WrestleMania than 7 people because you can see each and every one of those 7 people.

He says he always wrestles the same no matter if it’s in front of 10 people or 10,000 people. He says you should never punish the people who paid to see you, regardless of how many of them are in attendance.


Another fan asks Jericho how the business has changed in the last 20 years. Jericho points out that up until a few years ago you needed to be in WWE in order to make a good living in the wrestling business. That has changed recently, and now we’re seeing some more competition pop up, which is good for everyone, WWE included.

He adds that when he broke into the wrestling business it was like a secret society with special handshakes and carnie language. That’s not the case today at all. Another big change is the size of wrestlers. Jericho was a smaller wrestler when he broke into the business, and now he’s one of the larger wrestlers in WWE.

A fan asks Jericho to name the toughest era to work in and get over in as a wrestler. Jericho says the Attitude era was probably the toughest because even though he was popular, he could never get to the level of someone like The Rock or Steve Austin. He adds that there were probably 12 bonafide hall of famers working in WWE at that time.

Another fan asks Jericho who he’d choose to have a dream match with. Jericho informs that he had 3 heroes growing up; Shawn Michaels, Ricky Steamboat and Owen Hart. He got to work with Michaels and steamboat but never got to work with Owen. One of the reasons he left WCW to go to WWE was to potentially work with Owen, but before he got there Owen had passed.

He notes that Owen would be tremendous in today’s wrestling universe. He was so talented and a great character, but was tremendously fluid in the ring as well. When he got in the ring with people who could draw that out of him it was magic. If Owen wouldn’t have passed he would have been able to work with guys like Eddie Guerrero and Jericho, and that would have made for some great matches.

A fan asks Jericho to name the most emotional match he’s wrestled in. Jericho says his match with Kenny Omega at the Tokyo Dome was very emotional because it was two Winnipeg guys main eventing a wrestling show in the Tokyo Dome. The fact that it was something different and really boosted business helped as well.

Another very emotional match was the Ladder match he had with Shawn Michaels at No Mercy 2009. He informs that match wasn’t supposed to happen because they were originally only supposed to have a one-off match. That one-off match turned into a 7 month feud that culminated with a Championship match that main-evented a PPV. He’s very proud of that.

Another fan asks Jericho what made WCW’s Cruiserweight division so special? Jericho says it was the talent. Their cruiserweight roster consisted of seasoned veterans who had experience and really propped up that division. He thinks the cruiserweight division was the secondary reason WCW beat WWE in the ratings for a year, just behind the nWo. He points out that the main event match weren’t always great at that time, but the cruiserweight guys always had great matches.

A fan asks Jericho to name his best friend in the wrestling business. Jericho says he has a group text with Gallows and Anderson, Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns. So he’s probably the closest with those 4 guys at the moment. However, he has become quite close with Omega, Cody, and The Young bucks as well. He still considers Rey Mysterio to be a great friend even though they don’t talk to each other much anymore, and he’s also very close with Vince McMahon.

A fan asks Jericho about the Festival of Friendship segment. He says that segment is one of his top moments in the business. He knew what he wanted from that segment months prior. Everyone knew Kevin Owens’ heel turn was coming, but they didn’t know when and they didn’t really want it to happen either; that’s what made it so emotional.

Another fan asks Jericho who he’d want to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame. He says he has a running gag with himself that maybe he just wouldn’t show up for his induction. He says that would be such a “Jericho thing” to do. He used to think Shawn Michaels would be a good choice but Michaels has done it before. He notes that maybe Kevin Owens would be good because Owens grew up as a fan of Jericho and then was a part of a huge angle with him.

That sums up today’s episode of Talk is Jericho. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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