As seen on Sky Bet, the betting odds for Rey Mysterio vs Andrade at WWE Fastlane this weekend have been released.

These two men have been battling back and forth for what feels like forever, as WWE continues to take advantage of their incredible in-ring chemistry together. Both men are considered to be valued members of the main roster, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see either vault themselves into the WWE Championship picture once we get past WrestleMania.

For now, though, the focus is going to be on Fastlane this Sunday, where Mysterio and Andrade will be competing on the Kickoff Show.

The odds suggest that Andrade is the favourite to come away with the win at 4/7, whereas Rey is the 5/4 underdog. That makes sense, with many fans believing that Andrade is going to be a future world champion whereas Mysterio is mainly just being used to put people over at this stage of his career.


It’s unknown what either man will be doing by the time we reach WrestleMania, but there are a series of possibilities up in the air. WWE could potentially square them off on the Kickoff Show as they know it’ll be a high quality match up, or alternatively, they may both end up in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Whatever the case may be we’d recommend tuning in early on Sunday, because these two men will be more than willing to tear the house down in front of what should be a lively Cleveland crowd.

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