Vince McMahon is the 73-year-old Chairman Of The Board in WWE. Everything on WWE television works the way he wants it to and this also goes for all other aspects of his company.

Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio how WWE writers were staying up until after 3:00 AM this week to get the Fastlane card put together. He went on to explain that this is not a new trend because everything in WWE works according to Vince McMahon’s schedule.

“It’s been bad because on the mid-week day when they have the big meeting to do all that stuff it’s just like Vince will put ’em off and put ’em off and like they don’t even start the meeting sometimes until ten at night even if it was supposed to start at five or six.”

“They just sit there and wait for Vince to finish whatever stuff he’s doing. They start at ten and it’s been real regular that it ends after three and for most people it’s probably a negative doing all of that work. Because number one you just wanna get it over with. The other one is you’re so freakin’ tired that you’re not at your best.”


“So that’s probably of the reasons RAW is bad this is probably a very small reason, but when you’re adding up the reasons it’s another reason. It’s a reason why a lot of people have, you know fallen by the wayside on the creative end. Because a normal person — eh — you’re supposed to start at six and you have to wait another four hours and you’re out there until 3:30 AM… or 3:05 AM depending on the week — there have been 3:30 weeks. It’s like it’s a pretty tough job in that sense.”

“It’s a tough job to have while at the same time leading a normal life.”

WWE works at Vince McMahon’s direction, therefore, it is pretty hard to write a show when he isn’t around. Because if Vince doesn’t like something that you worked hours on to put together — he will change it. This has to be a bit frustrating. It also makes it pretty much impossible to have a personal life apart from the company when you never know how long you will be forced to sit around waiting for the boss to show up.

So if you’re growing upset as a viewer, just imagine what it is like for the writers sitting around for four or five hours waiting on Vince McMahon to actually start a meeting.

Welcome to the New Era.

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