Corey Graves Trolls Renee Young For Considering Leopard Print For WWE RAW

Renee Young and Corey Graves have a lot of fun on RAW as announcers. They also like to throw a joke at each other off-screen. However, we’re pretty sure that they are quite serious about the clothing that they are considering in this instance.

Young recently posed an honest question when she wondered: “If I wear leopard on leopard on Raw, will I have finally crossed the line? Or finally arrived.”

This sparked a fun little back and forth. Adam Pearce shared a picture of a hunter and Renee Young said that Corey Graves almost picked that look for the Australian Super Show-Down event.

Graves replied that he did consider dressing like that and it is a decision he still regrets. Then he posted a picture of a leopard so we could get an idea of what Renee Young might look like on RAW next week.

It’s good to get along with your coworkers.