X-Pac opens today’s show by talking about Lucha Underground. Several Lucha Underground talents are still held in purgatory by the promotion, whose executives still haven’t decided whether to film a fifth season.

X-Pac says he has basically forgotten about Lucha Underground at this point because the promotion has been out of sight and out of mind. The talents who signed 7 and 8 season deals before season one are in a tough spot right now, but X-Pac has no idea why anyone would sign a contract for the long with no guaranteed money. He says talents have to be smarter than that.

PWInsider reported this past week that The Hart Foundation will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. X-Pac loves this decision, and notes that Danny Davis should be inducted as well, partly due to his contributions behind the scenes for a lot of years.

X-Pac mentions that The Undertaker has removed all connections to WWE on his social media accounts, and now lists an email for outside bookings instead. X-Pac points out that this isn’t a big deal. He’s sure Undertaker’s appearances will be separate from any actual indie wrestling shows, to guarantee WWE that their star won’t be associated with any potentially poor shows. The booking company that Undertaker is using also lists WWE as a client on their website so this is all connected.

Shelton Benjamin sent out a GIF of a car spinning it’s tires this past week and implied that it represented his current status in WWE. X-Pac points out that Benjamin is so athletic and a legitimate wrestler. He hasn’t really found his footing since returning to WWE, but he continues to cash cheques. However, X-Pac points out that creative satisfaction is highly underrated and your money spends better when you’re satisfied creatively.

X-Pac thinks Charlotte’s current situation is unfortunate. For a long time X-Pac thought Ronda Rousey would be in the main event of this year’s WrestleMania, but he assumed it would be against Charlotte. Becky Lynch has burst onto the scene and pushed her way into that position. X-Pac says Charlotte is so good, and kills it on the mic every time.

X-Pac says he wasn’t happy with a portion of the Elias/Road Dogg interaction on RAW this week. He didn’t think it was necessary for Elias to take a shot at Road Dogg, saying that he’s tanking Smackdown’s ratings. X-Pac says that was “bullshit”, noting that it accomplished nothing other than generating a few laughs for the smart, insider fans.

X-Pac loved NXT’s Halftime Heat presentation. He points out that those performers never fail to exceed expectations, and he thought the Performance Centre looked great as a venue and should be used more often.

X-Pac welcomes NWA’s Dave Lagana to the show.

Lagana talks about the necessity of content creation in 2019 in order to communicate with your audience. He creates a lot of his video content for NWA quick and easily on his own which is cost-effective, and allows for a short turnaround time from filming to release.

The NWA, through a connection with ROH, are preparing to present a new age Crockett Cup Tag Team Tournament. He points out that NWA aren’t trying to rule the Universe, they’re just trying to create good content from one show to the next. This will be their 3rd show and he’s pleased they’ve got to this point.

He points out that the Crockett Cup meant something 30 years ago, and he’s thrilled that they’re bringing it back now for a whole new generation to enjoy. X-Pac points out that a NWA Title match was always a part of the Tag Team Tournament shows, and wonders if that’ll be the case with this show as well. Lagana says that’s something they’re currently considering.

He notes that their venue can hold 4,000 people but it can be scaled down to 2,100 as well. He says they’ll be thrilled with 2,000, but they’ll be happy to beat the attendance number they had at NWA70. He notes that NWA70 had the highly promoted rematch from ALL IN with Nick Aldis facing Cody. This event doesn’t have that match, so they’re trying to generate hype in different ways.

As for the idea of AEW or WWE having an involvement in the Crockett Cup or future NWA events, Lagana says they have no problem working with any promotion that wants to work with them. He still believes there’s an open dialogue between them and WWE.

That sums up this week’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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