WWE SmackDown Live Could Likely End Up On FS1

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WWE got a huge deal to come to Fox and since signing that $1 billion contract, their ratings have slumped a lot. Now Fox’s Friday night lineup is actually doing better than it was and is beating SmackDown’s numbers.

Bryan Alvarez discussed this on Wrestling Observer Live where he said that from the indications that were given it looks like WWE’s eventual home could be FS1.

“There are no facts here until everything shakes down, but it’s looking like SmackDown’s probably going to start on Fox and end up on FS1. We’ll see what happens, but that’s the indications right now.”

“It also suggests that they are lucky they signed that deal when they did. Because if the negotiating period was right now they’re not getting $1 billion for SmackDown, what’s done is done.”

WWE and Fox are locked into a five-year deal. No matter what Fox does with WWE’s product, they are going to remain on that network in some fashion. WWE is also getting their $1 billion.

Perhaps a move to FS1 could be a good one for SmackDown after they get a ton of exposure on the regular Fox Network. Nothing is official, but Fox’s CEO certainly gave an indication the other day that WWE’s home is on Fox’s main network on Fridays for the short term.

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