The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes are now Co-Vice Presidents of their own professional wrestling company. All Elite Wrestling is going to change a lot, but it was very close to never happening.

Dave Meltzer told a story on Wrestling Observer Radio about Lucha Underground’s attempt at signing The Young Bucks. The company apparently contacted Meltzer to sway Nick and Matt Jackson’s decision toward signing with them. It is a good thing that they didn’t because The Elite would have never started and the entire professional wrestling landscape would be different if they did.

“This was 2014 […] they were basically given an offer and it was for like $750 a match and it was like, ‘No freakin way.’ So [LU] upped it to like $1,250 a match, maybe, something.”

“Lucha Underground really wanted them a lot. Thankfully, good god they didn’t sign those seven-year contracts. Can you imagine if they signed those seven-year contracts? They could have never gone to Ring Of Honor — none of this would have happened. They would have been stuck. They couldn’t have gone to WWE.”

“Anyway, they were still just working indies. They weren’t making giant money, but they were making good money with their merchandise, they were doing okay. But [someone said to Meltzer] ‘You gotta convince them that these guys would be great for Lucha Underground,’ I’m like, ‘I don’t really know these guys,’ and it’s like nobody believed me when I said that.”

“I mean, I knew them a little but not in a way where I have any influence. I still don’t have any influence on what they do. Then I had barely knew them I knew I’d never met them or anything like that. I met them when I first went to PWG, but anyway. But yeah, [Lucha Underground] was going to people they perceived as friends trying to get [The Young Bucks] in — plus what a mistake that would have been!”

Lucha Underground is giving their current roster a very hard time. They are holding talent under hostage to the point where one top star in the company is suing them as a means to get out.

If The Young Bucks would have signed with Lucha Underground then it could have been good for a while. However, the professional wrestling world would have certainly lost out on AEW becoming anything.

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