Michael Elgin’s Accuser Says Case Is Still On-Going

Michael Elgin had some great news when the case against him in court was dismissed. This was a case concerning an order of protection that his accuser was requesting.

The case against Michael Elgin was dismissed, but his accuser Moses Malone says that the actual case is on-going.

“It is true that an Order Of Protection cause I filed against Elgin was dismissed. The lawsuit is still ongoing, and we are still fighting. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the internet and the anonymity it provides, there was no way to link the online harassment and threats I had been receiving to Elgin. The court did not rule that I was untruthful or that I was not experiencing the harassment, threats, or abuse. Orders made in Order Of Protection proceedings are not considered to be res judicata in other legal action. I look forward to the resolution of all pending legal proceedings.”

This might not be over for Michael Elgin. Let’s hope for the best as this situation continues to develop.

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