New Batch Of Paige Leaks Teased On Day Of “Fighting With My Family” Premiere

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Paige might be enjoying the release of the Fighting With My Family film, but there are still things from her past that keep coming up and some of them are leaked photos and videos of a very private nature.

We have been sent proof by readers that there are more Paige leaks on the way. Ringside News will not be publishing these images, but they are in the same time period as the rest of the ones that came out previously.

The file name for one of the pictures is “GuessWhoHasMore” which would lead us to believe there are more on the way which is what we were told.

This is unfortunate, but Paige is incredibly strong and has made it through this kind of storm before.

Paige hasn’t been shy to talk about those previous leaks either as she considers them life lessons. It is important to remember that Paige was in a very vulnerable time in her life when those images and videos were taken. Then they were stolen which is a gross invasion of privacy.

Sadly, this seems like a problem that is not going away for Paige.

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