Rumor Killer On CM Punk Being In Phoenix For WWE Royal Rumble

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The internet is full of people who like to do things for whatever reason. Everyone has their own intentions, but when someone posts an old picture of CM Punk claiming that he’s in Phoenix then it’s pretty hard to ignore. This is especially true seeing how the Royal Rumble is in Phoenix tommorow night.

We can confirm that the photo floating around online claiming to be CM Punk at a Phoenix airport is not authentic. It was actually an old picture of Punk in Chicago. So he’s not even in the right city.

We were going to ignore this one because it’s pretty ridiculous, but a lot of people are sharing it now with the idea that it is real. Please do not get this impression.

Nobody is ruling a CM Punk return out because crazy things have happened in WWE before. CM Punk is the only man who can rule that, but he hasn’t returned yet. Never count out the power of Vince McMahon and his wallet. However, Punk has made it pretty clear that he’s not interested in a professional wrestling return.

Therefore, we can just verify that this particular photo is not what it is claiming to be.

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