Who Owns The ALL IN Footage?

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ALL IN was a night of professional wrestling that did far more than kick off huge interest in The Elite opening their own company. This night was proof that indie wrestling could sell out a large venue with grassroots marketing in 2018 and it was a big success.

ROH helped The Elite out a lot during the production of ALL IN and some of their crew was used as well. It was also made available for streaming on Honor Club. Therefore, as Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live, one of the biggest reasons for The Young Bucks doing surprise appearances is not only because they want to give back, but they also need the footage.

“Hey listen, they don’t have television right now, but if they got television tomorrow and they needed something for television, what do they have for television? They don’t have ALL IN. Ring Of Honor owns that. They don’t have footage from… they can’t use any Ring Of Honor footage, they can’t use any New Japan footage like, they need footage.”

“So this was a way of going out there and getting footage for Being The Elite and potential television show which I don’t think is kicking off next week I just threw the date out there so don’t report anything weird.”

It might be hard to think that All Elite Wrestling doesn’t own ALL IN, but they will produce many more shows to make up for it.

Only time will tell if AEW will eventually try to buy the video rights for ALL IN, but it is still best to take it one step at a time.

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