Andrade Cien Almas got name change and a push, but it might not have been in that order. It’s really no secret that Andrade has been unhappy in WWE for quite while, but not it looks like the company is trying to turn him around with a push.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how The Revival requesting their WWE release could actually result in push for them. Then he used Andrade as a primary example of why this could happen.

“Because I think that’s what happened with Andrade — I know it’s what happened with Andrade so it’s not like you get them mad and they’re gonna bury you.”

Andrade had an amazing match against Rey Mysterio on Tuesday and his win over Mysterio seemed to open up even more matches between the two of them. You could tell by the way Andrade was wrestling on SmackDown Live that he was much happier to be in the ring with Rey. This could mean WWE’s plan is working.


Only time will tell what happens down the line because WWE is reportedly trying lot to keep their Superstars around right now. It looks like Andrade’s push could have been a direct result of his unhappiness. Therefore, you never know who is next to receive a push and just why that might come about.

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