Kayla Braxton recently shared a rather amusing story online about how she gets called “World Star” by a guy in her gym. This is because she’s so famous, but Braxton can’t help but think that something is going down that is World Star Hip Hop worthy and she needs to record it on her phone.

In that tweet, Braxton said: “It’s super confusing for a black girl from Alabama.” This was a great tag to her tweet that tied it all together, however one “fan” had to take it too far.

After he called her the “whitest black girl I’ve ever seen,” Braxton fired back with her honest opinion.

“That’s an ignorant thing to say.”

Kayla is also firing back at people who don’t have the guts to mention her directly on social media. When someone showed Kayla a tweet about her race that she wasn’t mentioned in she had a lot more to say.

“Someone just showed me this tweet. You are the ignorant waste of space that this world could use less of. I am biracial. I am just as much black as I am white. Educate yourself. And I really hope there is never a V to follow your name.”

Braxton clarified with fans that she is bi-racial, but she is obviously proud of the African American part of who she is. Hopefully, she won’t have to deal with many more of this kind of comment if people know she won’t just read them and not say anything in return. It’s still a huge shame that people act and think this way in the first place.

Felix Upton

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