Kayla Braxton Shares Hilarious World Star Hip Hop Story

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Kayla Braxton is a WWE announcer traveling the world with the company, but she will never lose her roots. Braxton’s foundation comes from Alabama and the culture that is still very much a part of who she is. This includes World Star Hip Hop videos.

Braxton recently shared a great story about a miscommunication she has at her gym Apparently, there is a guy who is trying to compliment Braxton for being a star of the world, however, she can’t help but think something else is going down.

“There’s this guy that goes to my gym who always yells, ‘World Star’ when he sees me. Naturally I reach for my phone because I assume there’s a fight, but he’s just calling me a ‘world star,’ trying to be nice. Its super confusing for a black girl from Alabama.”

This was a pretty great story. Now fans know they can chant “World Star” at Kayla Braxton to get her thinking something is going down worth recording for the internet.

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