The Rock n Sock Connection Reunite… Sort Of

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Mick Foley is very good at math. He also has a very famous former tag team partner in The Rock. This is why it was so great that The Rock n Sock Connection can combine Instagram follows.

Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy noticed that he and The Great One have a combined 128 million followers on Instagram. Of course, Foley has under 200,000 and Dwayne Johnson is picking up the remaining amount, but it’s still a shared statistic in Mick’s book.

The Rock saw this and replied in a way only he could.

“My pleasure mi amigo. Just like when we were @wwe tag team champions of the world, I’m more than happy to give you the ‘hot tag'”

Mick Foley is retired and The Rock is too busy with Hollywood to really come back for a match. At least The Rock n Sock Connection can tag team online even if it won’t ever happen again in the squared circle.

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