Former WWE Superstar Jack Swagger is almost ready to make his MMA debut. Swagger- who will be competing under his real name of Jake Hager was interviewed by TMZ Sports ahead of the fight.

As if searching for a story, TMZ kept going back to CM Punk during an interview with Swagger, asking the fighter and decorated wrestler to explain why he will be both different and better than his former WWE rival in the Octagon.

Despite not wanting to answer the questions at first, Swagger caved and explained in detail some information about his background, history, and explained the biggest reason why he will outdo Punk- who has a record of 0 wins to 2 losses in MMA.

“Why am I different? Oh gosh. I hate that I even have to answer this but I like you, so I will. I’m different for so many reasons. One, the weight class is different. Two, I have- I’ve been wrestling since I was five years old, bro. Like I’ve had the bug since I was five years old. Any form of wrestling I could get my hand on- I’m training, and I’m training at a competitive level and I’ll be honest with you. I was not good at wrestling until my balls dropped, I went through puberty; I put on some weight and I became athletic and less goofy.

“But number one, I am different. I have that background to rely on. I’ve been in those spotlights, I’ve been on the national stage where everyone’s busting their ass for five months out of a year ready to perform. I have over 150 Division 1 college wrestling matches, and I’m gonna rely on that as my amateur MMA and boxing career to help me out when the anxiety kicks in; when the bright lights start sweating but like…look at me. For the last twelve years, you tell me the date and the time and I’m there, I’m advertised, I’m performing at a high level- so I don’t know.

“Well I think the biggest thing you’re gonna see is the difference between me and then him, is that I am prepared. I am 100% prepared to take this fight; to go into that Octagon and go into the middle of that cage and inflict my will on anybody.”

Do you think Swagger will be victorious in his first fight? Will you be watching? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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