Tye Dillinger Sends Out Cryptic Message & Fans Are Puzzled

There is a lot going on in pro wrestling so fans have a way of breaking a lot of things down. Of course, even the most simple statement can be taken any number of ways.

Tye Dillinger recently tweeted out a message that has his fans a bit puzzled:





Tye Dillinger has been out of action recently and needed a surgery on his hand. Since he is on the SmackDown brand, some people are thinking that this is a sign he will return this Tuesday.

However, another portion of fans think this 1 8 20 19 is a reference to the AEW rally. Dillinger hasn’t been shy about defending this new promotion which is an interesting stance for a WWE Superstar to take so openly.

We will have to wait and see if Dillinger does return and how 2019 might treat him.