Impact Wrestling Homecoming Pay-Per-View Results

Moose vs Eddie Edwards – Falls Count Anywhere Match

Eddie jumped Moose during his entrance to get this match started right away. They brawled outside and then Eddie went for a suicide dive, but Moose turned it into a powerbomb on the apron.

Moose picked up a piece of the guardrail and made a bridge on ring steps that he set up on the hard camera side. Then Moose tried to powerbomb Eddied from the ring to the steel bridge, but Eddie countered with a rana and sent Moose to the flood to hit a suicide dive.

Eddie launched Moose into the crowd and they fought among the fans for a bit. We couldn’t see much because the lighting was awful. Moose carried Eddie up the stairs and they chopped each other on the upper deck before Moose went down. Then Eddie nailed a dive from the balcony to the floor on Moose.

They ended up making it back to the ring and then Moose launched Eddit into the railing from the ring. Moose started heaving chairs in the ring and Eddie was busted open off of a spot off the post.

They returned to the ring and Moose maintained control. He covered Eddie with chairs before going to the top rope. Eddie grabbed a chair and heaved it at Moose and then he hit Moose with another chair to the head before collecting them all in a pile. Eddie climbed up and hit a Superplex onto the pile of chairs.

The traded shots in the middle of the ring before Eddie hit a back body drop onto Moose that went over the top rope and through the steel guardrail bending it in half.

Eddie put Moose back in the ring and grabbed a kendo stick. Eddie started teeing off on Moose before Alicia Edwards came down to stop him. Then she grabbed the stick and whacked it over Moose until it broke.

Eddie hit another shot to the face and nailed a DDT for the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Sami Callihan vs. Willie Mack

Mack started things off fast by taking out Callihan and then Dave Crist on the outside. He continued to work on Sami in the ring clubbing at him.

Callihan tried to come back, but Mack slapped him down. Willie slid outside and chased Dave Crist around the ring so Sami could blindside him. Sami clammed Willie’s head on the apron and draped the ring apron over his head before kicking him in the covered head.

Then they returned to the ring where Sami had control. He did the bit where he spit on his hand and chopped Willie and it was gross. Sami continued his assault until Willie countered with a cutter.

Mack mounted a comeback with some strikes and they duked it out a little bit. Then Sami turned Willie inside out with a clothesline and hit a piledriver to win the match.

Winner: Sami Callihan