EC3 is a veteran at this stage in his career so he knows his way around an airport. However, he’s getting far too accustomed to one right now.

The soon-to-be-debuted WWE Superstar is on his way up to RAW or SmackDown Live (hopefully SD Live), but he’s not going anywhere right not because Dixie Carter’s nephew is currently stuck in an airport.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re told one thing and then something else happens? That happened to EC3 as he’s getting another two hours tacked onto his already extremely long four-hour wait-time.

“I could complain about the employee induced chaos at a major franchise coffee place and the multiple delays in my flight and @ both major companies, but instead I’ll take this extra time to get my NEAT steps in and discover new music with the vast libraries available via my phone.”

“Oh another delay that will total 4 hours? No big deal! Just plenty of time to meet a whole bunch of new friends and read The Count of Monte Cristo in its entirety! #atunited #atdunkin”

“Tack on another 2 hours? Great. No problem. Not going to lose it and send a barrage of tweet to @ airline! Just two extra hours to turn this blank canvas I carried on into an abstract impressionist’s masterpiece! #painting”

Those three tweets say a lot about what EC3 is currently going through. He’s just getting over being violently ill and now he’s sitting in an airport petri dish. At least he’s making headlines while he waits.

Felix Upton

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