Daniel Bryan Says He Is Now The “Planet’s Champion”

The New Daniel Bryan is WWE Champion and he’s taking a much different tactic this time around. He’s a heel drawing a massive amount of heat by screaming about how people are at fault for hurting the planet. He’s an angry Earth-loving champion and nobody likes that.

At WWE’s live event in Baltimore, Daniel Bryan grabbed a microhpone and he decided to cut a little promo.

“You people used to revere the old Daniel Bryan! You used to love the old Daniel Bryan, but the old Daniel Bryan is dead! Shut up! I did not give you permission to chant, ‘Yes!'”

“I am not here to please you people. I am no longer the people’s champion. I am the planet’s champion. I am here defending the planet from you every single night.”

He said that he was going to prove why he’s the “planet’s champion” against John Cena which didn’t work. This is a great gimmick, but even though it’s killed Daniel Bryan’s merch sales, it’s still fun to watch.