WWE likes to do things the way they do things and if someone else is doing what they want to do, then they just do it. They also like to be the only people doing things which makes us wonder why the XFL is coming back.

Botchamania has been around for years and is loved by the Internet Wrestling Community. Maffew works bloody hard on those videos where he compiles as many obscure and well-known pro wrestling botches as possible. Needless to say, WWE-owned property provides him with an endless amount of content.

For a quite a while, Botchamania has needed to display their videos on YouTube with the action in a smaller screen to distract the sensors that detect copyright, but they have recently been getting taken down out-right. WWE then started targeting the botch-filled videos on other platforms as well.

To rub a little salt in the wound, WWE has now released the first full episode of Botch Club online for free. It is on YouTube and you can view it in full-screen.

It’s interesting to see the parts from Botchamania that they lifted as WWE made Botch Club into their own thing. The sound effects are a little unnecessary. We’re happy for Anderson and Gallows, but it’s still a little shady on WWE’s part.

Felix Upton

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