Zack Ryder Reacts To Remarkably Bad Statistic In WWE

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Zack Ryder is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion, but he hasn’t been on RAW during the entirety of 2018 and actually had a match. This could be concerning for some, but Ryder might just be turning it into his gimmick.

While using the #AlwayzReady and #StillHere hashtags, Ryder seemed optimistic. After all, that’s the way you need to be in WWE as you wait for your next shot.

“I haven’t had 1 match on Monday Night Raw in 2018 yet. 1 more Raw left.. “

It’s good that Ryder is remaining hopeful. We do only have one RAW left. We’ll just have to see if we’ll be hearing him “Woo, woo, woo” all the way to the ring on the final RAW of 2018.

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