WWE Fighting For Halloween Havoc & Sister Abigail Trademarks

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WWE is always looking to make sure that the property that they feel belongs to them is properly protected. This has caused them to file oppositions on two people who got to trademarks that WWE feels is their property.

PW Insider reports that KBN INC CORPORATION NEVADA has applied for a trademark on the Halloween Havoc name. They want to use this name for trademark purposes on “t-shirts, baseball caps, and hats, clothing for wear in wrestling games, graphic t-shirts” they also seek to use this trademark for “entertainment in the nature of wrestling contests.”

WWE has begun the process of opposing the Halloween Havoc trademark that KBN INC is trying to issue. They are also opposing the usage of Sister Abigail who California-based Tatevik Hunanyan applied for a trademark to secure in June. Hunanyan wrestles on the indies as “Tatevik The Gamer.”

WWE has never tried to copyright the Sister Abigail name, but Bray Wyatt has namedropped her enough and he named his move after her. Tatevik is seeking to use the Sister Abigail name in “entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibits, performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer also for wrestling purposes.”

We will keep you updated on if we hear any new information in these two situations.

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