The Rock is known for a lot of things. He is not only the People’s Champion, but he is a shoo-in for the WWE Hall Of Fame. He also stays in remarkable shape.
Dwayne Johnson needs to keep a strict diet and exercise program to stay so jacked. This routine involves stepping out of his diet every now and then for a massive cheat meal.
If you follow The Great One on Instagram, then you’re aware of the fact that he often posts pictures of his cheat meals for all to see. We’re fascinated to see what the Brahma Bull is doing to cheat on his diet, and it’s even more interesting to see what he’s up to while consuming such a huge meal.
Therefore, we’ve collected all of The Rock’s Instagram cheat meals from 2018 (so far). Enjoy.
January 29th
The Rock started off the cheat meal year on January 29th. He loves brownies and cookies. You will see a lot more of those as time goes on. Needless to say, The Rock doesn’t do just normal brownies and cookies either.

“(I do share recipes in exchange for dirty jokes and tequila)
I make my cheat meals EPIC because, hell we all work hard and only live once.
Huge turkey subs – oven roasted turkey, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato onion and mayo on the side.
Huge fudge brownies with milk chocolate chips, natural peanut butter and fudge smothered and drizzled on top.
A beautiful night of decadence and sin and by 2am I was drenched in sugar sweats trying to sleep.
But much like the many addictions I have in my life – the going up is always worth the coming down. “

As you can see, Rocky also loves sandwiches. Sometimes it’s not fair how well he is able to describe the food he’s eating either. It’s like he’s auditioning for some kind of a cooking show.

March 26th
The Rock was too busy in February and most of March to post a cheat meal, He had Rampage business to take care of, but he destroyed some pancakes in a way that most mortal men wouldn’t dare. After such a hard day by 2:00 am, The Great One needed the fuel to carry on. All of this makes us wonder how he finds the time to sleep at all.

“Veni, vini, vici.
Well earned late Sunday night cheat meal.
Sush and banana, chocolate chip pancakes.
Hello sugar sweats by 2am.

This is a very impressive meal, but if you keep going on this list the best is yet to come in regards to the massive amount of food The Rock is able to consume.

June 18th
The Rock enjoyed a mid-Summer cheat meal in a huge way while he had some laughs thanks to Ali Wong.

“It’s on – Sunday cheat meal.
Chocolate chip banana pancakes, syrup, peanut butter and @aliwong. Very funny and talented chick. Highly recommend!
And I’ll have my usual post cheat meal carb coma/sugar sweats by 2am tonight.
Everyone wins.”

The Rock’s schedule would wear most people out. Thankfully, he has a team ready to help get him through his difficult itinerary. He also has plenty of food too.

July 29th
The Rock enjoys his sushi and he also loves his cookies in a big way. The Great One showed off his cheat meal while talking about his “succulent” meal in a way that could make anyone envious.


“*swipe left and witness the double main-eventer of cheat meals while I get my Netflix fix.
6pm – the succulent sushi train rolls thru and right into my belly.
11pm – homemade cheatin’ chocolate chip cookies  with a one-way ticket to Holy Moses heaven by smearing peanut butter on every cookie before I destroy them.
I know how to party. Hard.
#DontCheatYourself #TreatYourself
#EpicCheatMeal #AkaFoodPornSunday”

The Great One has a great meal every now and then. It’s pretty interesting to be able to get a peek in on what kind of massive meals he’s consuming. He considers this “food porn” and it’s hard to argue with that.

August 20th
The Rock paid tribute to Garry Shandling while he ate a boatload of sushi. The secret sauce to success might be different for everyone. Thankfully, The Rock’s secret sauce has been enjoyed by millions and millions of his fans for decades.

“Sunday sushi express rolls along..
With a phenomenal doc on legendary comedian, Garry Shandling. He discovered that his secret sauce to success was when decided to just be himself.
So the take away here, is be you.
And don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself – crush your cheat meals.”

On a side note that has nothing to do with pro wrestling, Garry Shandling was amazing and the Larry Sanders Show is highly recommended for anyone who loves a good laugh.

September 17th
The Rock posted another massive sushi meal on September 17th while he watched a little Mr. Rogers documentary. He is obviously a favorite of The Great One’s because he’s referenced Rogers a couple of times before.

“1am and the cheat meal sushi train rolls along like an unstoppable force.
Despite the fact that I wound up passed out on the couch like a wounded buffalo after destroying sushi — this documentary WONT YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? about the iconic “Mr. Rogers” is excellent. Highly recommend.
He was a very special and one of a kind man.”

Seeing how The Rock is obviously a big fan of Mr. Rogers it makes us wonder what else gets him going. This is good to hear and it is just one more thing he has in common with his millions and millions of his fans.

September 24th
The Rock absolutely demolished a huge plate of sushi and then followed it up with too many cookies to count. He has expensive tastes, but he can certainly afford it.

October 1st
It’s midnight for The Great One which means it’s all aboard the sushi train for Dwayne Johnson. He also mused a little bit about The Defiant Ones which he was just getting around to watching.

By any means necessary.
Just cuz I’m in London, doesn’t mean my Sunday Sushi Train doesn’t roll on.
Shout to my ace/partner in crime, Emily Blunt for the soosh recommendation.
Polished it off w/ my signature double stuffed chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies with real peanut butter in the middle.
I’m late to the game on watching this doc, but THE DEFIANT ONES w/ Dr Dre & Jimmy Iovine is a must see.
When I was a kid I heard a quote, that stuck with me for life – once you’ve been hungry, you’ll never be full.
Cheers boys  to never being full and always being the hardest worker in the room. “

The Rock’s busy schedule doesn’t give a lot of time for Netflix and chill, but at least he does have time for Netflix and cheat meals.

October 6th
The Rock was looking to “bring gluttony to a whole new level.” with this cheat meal on the sushi train. He also had some time to take us on a walk down memory lane as he discussed the importance Mr. Rogers to his life.

“The cheat meal Sushi Train steam rolls on down the line.
Tried this new soosh spot that was a recommendation from my new best friend, Stanley Tucci.
Great food.
If anyone has sushi recommendations while I’m here in London, holla.
Second time viewing of one of my fav docs, “Won’t you be my neighbor” about one of the most kind, compassionate, caring & steadfast human beings to ever walk God’s green earth – Fred Rogers aka Mr. Rogers.
So pumped to see Tom Hanks play him. Perfect casting.
Excuse me while I stuff my face and bring gluttony to a whole new level.”

Let’s all take a moment and imagine we live in a world where Dwayne Johnson hosts a weekly Mr. Rogers Neighborhood type TV show. That was pretty great, right?

October 13th
The Rock destroyed some cookies that were so good that he just couldn’t help but make work of the entire plate. Of course, he ate this after destroying a huge plate of sushi.

“(after sushi) cheat meal Cookie Train rolls on.
As I do every cookie cheat meal, I break out the Netflix, find the right viewing pleasure and begin to destroy.
This week my DJ Signature double chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies with real peanut butter layered in the middle collides with @joerogan’s new comedy special #StrangeTimes. Highly recommend and mahalo for the shout out brother
And just to contextualize this image for you — I have the biggest laptop MAC that’s available on the market. That gives you an idea of how f*cking gigantic these cookies are
Enjoy your cheat meals my friends – you’ve earned them.
You ain’t cheatin’ if you ain’t eatin’. #CheatMealCookieTrain

The Rock is certainly packing on the calories in a big way. Every time he describes those cookies he’s eating a dove cries.

October 23rd
The Rock had two huge cheats on this day because he could. He decided to destroy a ton of sushi. Then he went on to have dessert later.

“The cheat meal Sushi Train rolls on strong. Good collisions of world’s here/
Re-watching one of my fav docs, THE DEFIANT ONES (highly recommend) while going over my 2020 @underarmour creative concepts for our new Project Rock collection, called INNER WARRIOR – because everything always starts from within.
You vs You.
Project Rock has become @underarmour’s #1 global seller and we’ll continue to be humble and hungry as we steadily disrupt and elevate the game.
Now it’s Me vs Sushi and in this game, there are no losers – only winners.
Especially my big, greedy, gluttonous f’n belly..”

This was a little bit of an advertisement. You can’t really blame The Great One for throwing in a plug every now and then though. After all, he’s involved in so many projects it’s hard not to advertise what he’s been up to.

October 23rd
The Great One hopped aboard the cookie train once again. He described what he was eating in a way that would make anyone jealous as well. Then the Brahma Bull went on to put over Bob Marley making us wonder how he mustered up the extra hunger to destroy that plate of cookies.

“Cheat meal cookie train rolls on.
Helluva sugar/ Netflix combo…
My tiny (and by tiny I mean f*cking ginormous) signature DJ double chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies with creamy peanut butter layered in the middle.
And great doc about the icon Bob Marley and an assassination attempt made on his life in 1976.
Bob’s son, Rohan Marley was my teammate when we played ball together down at THE U. Good times when he would share stories with us about his legendary father and their family. “Sistah, I bring the ghetto uptown”

Yeah, it was fair of The Rock to do this to us. Now we want nothing more than those cookies. Seriously. How cruel is this list?

October 28th
It was time for The Rock to punish more sushi like it owes him money. He didn’t have much to say this time around, so he got right down to business with that sushi.

“Eyebrow raised and chopsticks  ready.
The epic cheat meal #SundaySushiTrain   rolls on.
And for the record, these chopsticks are personalized. I am not f*cking around
Enjoy your cheat meal my friends. #MyCrueGoesHard”

It just goes to show that sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words.

October 29th
The Rock annihilated some brownies and cookies while he watched a documentary about hip-hop music. The Rock’s tastes are pretty eclectic which is why he’s still the People’s Champ.

“The Sunday cheat meal, “I have zero f*cks left to give” #CookieAndBrownieTrain rolls on.
My signature double milk chocolate and peanut butter chip with real peanut butter smeared in the middle, BUT this time with a twist – salted caramel chips. drop.
Colliding with one of the best doc series I’ve seen in a very long time, HIP HOP EVOLUTION.
Highly recommend, if you’re like me, a hard core fan of hip hop culture and history, or a struggling hip hop artist or if you’re already a global hip hop superstar.
A must watch.
From that Miami bass bringin me back to my days at THE U (Uncle Luke/Uncle Al) to the hard core Texas boys (J Prince/Geto Boys/UGK) to that iconic LA Gangsta sound (Dre/NWA/OG Ice T) to that one and only G-Funk (Too Short / E-40) sound of the Bay (also where Tupac credits finding “his voice”) all the way back to the history of Afrika Bambaataa forming Zulu Nation to of course the undisputed originator of hip hop, New York City (Herc, Flash, KRS 1, Tribe, Wu etc). This doc is ridiculous.
What’s also ridiculous is me devouring these gigantic MF’n cookies and bringing gluttony to a new level.
Enjoy your cheat meals my friends.
You ain’t cheating if you ain’t eating “

I think there’s something to that “you ain’t cheating if you ain’t eating” line. Someone should copyright that and put it on a t-shirt.

November 14th
Pizza? Yes, please, but The Rock will have two pies. He took that food to pound town in a big way as he continued to muse about his life. He also received some pretty interesting advice from his strength and conditioning coach which he shared as well.

“Midweek carb up and takin’ these sexy pizzas to pound town.
Before our big action scenes tomorrow for HOBBS & SHAW, I get that glorious text from my strength and conditioning coach @daverienzi that says, “for your big scene tomorrow we need to fill you out more.. need you to eat pizza tonight and shoot me pics from the gym in the morning” — it worked.
Muscle bellies are full, dense and striated.
Achieving and maintaining a certain aesthetic for months while filming is such a crazy science that requires constant strategy and a surgical eye from a great coach.
As scientific and intellectualized as this process can be – when you strip it all down to brass tacks, it basically means you gotta be f*cking nuts to constantly commit to this discipline.”

The Rock is always game for new information on how to better himself. That’s how he continues improving. Those pizzas didn’t stand a chance though.

November 19th
The Rock enjoyed a huge plate of sushi and then he let us know about his appreciation for the late great Johnny Cash. He quoted the legendary country singer while he slammed some sushi. That’s quite a picture.

“The cheat meal Sunday Sushi Train rolled on this past weekend with some power and a ton of that wooosabi
Great new doc on Netflix about one of my fav country artists, the icon himself, Johnny Cash.
I wear the black for the poor and beaten down.. livin’ in the hopeless, hungry side of town.
If you ain’t eatin’ – then you ain’t cheatin’. Enjoy your cheat meals my friends and excuse me while I take greed and gluttony to new levels.”

Knowing some of the people The Rock draws inspiration from is a pretty cool little tidbit that he lets the fans in on. As Dwayne Johnson, he’s an even bigger star and has gone on to influence countless others outside of pro wrestling. It’s nice to know that even people like The People’s Champion have influences just like the rest of us.

November 23rd
Okay, so this is Thanksgiving so it shouldn’t count, but you’ve got to see this bird.

“Word to the bird and a weird thing I have to always keep close.
This Thanksgiving was a unique one, in that it was the first time I’ve ever not been back home in the U.S. of A.
But here in London, we still cooked and laid out a big, sweet spread to give our thanks and boundless gratitude for our loved ones.
The weird thing – is every Thanksgiving I gotta take a moment to remember exactly 27 years ago on Thanksgiving while living in Tampa, Fl we were so piss broke, that we couldn’t even afford to buy a turkey, so we were praying someone would invite us over for Thanksgiving.
Well, the universe answered our prayers, because friends of ours called to say Happy Thanksgiving and we were like, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING WE’LL BE RIGHT OVER TO CELEBRATE WITH YOU GUYS K BYE!!” They were like, “Uhhh okaaaay great, see you soon?” A Very true and f*cking embarrassing story
I’m weird this way, but remembering sh*t like this helps me live a better and more grateful life.
I’m quite sure I need therapy for this, but until then tequila will be my loving & empathetic therapist.”

What a great Thanksgiving story from The Rock. It’s been a while since he led us all in a story-time.

December 3rd
While enjoying some of the amazing Dave Attell and Jeff Ross, The Rock destroyed an entire plate of cookies. It was quite an endeavor, but we’re glad to be along for at least the start of this ride.

“The #CheatMealCookieTrain rolls on with my DJ signature milk chocolate chip, salted caramel chip jumbo cookies with a shit load of peanut butter and guilt in the middle.
Enjoyin’ my cookie gluttony watching a @netflix special I HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you like love your comedy raw, like I do – “Bumping Mics” with two of my fav comedians @therealjeffreyross & @daveattell.
I did a show with Jeffery a few years ago for our military at Pearl Harbor, called #RockTheTroops. This sumbitch called me Harambe and 50,000 troops roared with laughter and I thought I re-tore my surgically repaired hernias cause I was laughing so f*cking hard.
Jeffery and Dave have GREAT CHEMISTRY together… reminds me of me and my incestuous biscuit sh*t of a son”

That Harambe line had us laughing and we weren’t even there to see it go down live. It just goes to show that The Rock has some really cool friends.

December 9th
The Rock ate a ton of sushi and two huge sandwiches. He also included a note in typical Rock Fashion to introduce us to his cheat meal.

“The Sunday Sushi Train brought a friend to ride.. a big ass roasted turkey, smoked ham and cheese sammich hand made by yours truly.
Satisfying my addiction, with a great doc called UNDER THE INFLUENCE about one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Keith Richards.
If you ain’t eatin’ then you ain’t cheatin’. Enjoy, your cheat meals my friends.”

It’s interesting how he’s not watching RAW in any of these posts.

December 10th
The Rock loves his cookies and when he eats them he goes all out. He also doesn’t skimp on the ingredients so every cookie is like a full dessert.

“And the insane cheat meal cookie train rolls on
Start with 15 ginormous “DJ Heavens” of milk chocolate and salted caramel chips with peanut butter in the middle.
Insanity rolls on with one of the wildest docs I’ve seen in some time, THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS.
Nature vs Nurture. Diabolical vs Human Integrity.
Highly recommend.
And for the greedy, gluttonous record, I can take about 5 of these cookies to “DJ pound town” and the rest I take to work so the crew can enjoy!
Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself… enjoy your cheat meals my friends.

DJ Pound Town sounds like it could be used with many different connotations. Luckily, he’s just talking about cookies in this instance.

December 23rd
This is the last one he’s posted so far. It’s been a pretty big year for The Rock and his cheat meals. So he celebrated another huge sushi plate in style. Along with a ton of sushi, The Great One Wrote:

“3:45am. F*ck it. Can’t sleep.
But that ain’t stoppin’ my sushi train from rollin’ on.
Just watched one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen. #SpringsteenOnBroadway from the boss himself, Bruce Springsteen.
Never met him, but look forward to sharing a drink one day with this man and choppin’ up our lives — two very lucky, hard workin’ SOB’s. One’s a global rock & roll icon and the other’s some random big, brown, bald dude with tats who sips fine tequila by the gallon”

The Rock loves his sushi and who can blame him? Sushi is delicious. Hopefully The Rock will keep entertaining us for years and the cheat meals will keep coming too. 

Happy Holidays from all of us at Ringside News

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