Former WWE Superstar Reveals How He Deals With Questions About Returning

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WWE has a lot of Superstars, but there are even more people floating around the indie wrestling world who used to be employed by WWE at one time or another.

Simon Gotch is now known as “Simon Grimm” on the indies, and he obviously gets asked if he’s returning to WWE all the time. Shazza McKenzie, a very popular Australian indie wrestler recently thought she would have a little fun by saying:

“In 2019 I’m going to ask on everyone’s Instagram Q&A’s ‘When are you going to WWE?'”

Grimm replied with a chart that he apparently had made up for this very type of question. It is a pretty simple design what will help fans decide whether or not he’s interested in performing for a particular company.

Apparently, if they’re still running shows then he’s game to work. Since WWE is still in business, it’s a pretty good guess that he would be willing to make a return there as well.

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