Ronda Rousey Dresses Up Her Goats For Christmas

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Ronda Rousey is the RAW Women’s Champion as her job with WWE. When she’s at home, she has a farm and loves that life.

Browsey Acres is the clever name they gave their farm which mixes Rousey and Browne from her husband MMA fighter Travis Browne. Usually, the farm runs smoothly although they have experienced a tragedy before.

They had an issue to deal with this time around and it had to do with their goats. One goat was picking on the other, so Rousey dressed him up with Christmas colored tennis balls on his horns. Maybe that’ll teach him a lesson.

“Christmas goats! Christmas goats!”

Rousey had a good laugh at the way her farm friend looked with red and green tennis balls on the end of his horns, but that’s what he gets for being a naughty goat.

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