Will Nikki Cross Join SAnitY On The WWE Main Roster?

Nikki Cross was announced as one of the NXT Superstars who will be making a main roster jump very soon. We’re not sure when the next NXT recruits will be arriving, but we know who to expect at least.

Cross was SAnitY’s Twisted Sister while in NXT, but there is no certainty that she will be joining the faction after her main roster call-up.

SAnitY did introduce her in Manchester a few weeks ago, but that didn’t count as her main roster call-up. That was just a way to pop the UK crowd by introducing the Scottish wrestler as a surprise to face Becky Lynch in a match that they could have done a lot more with.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned the fact that “there is no indication she’ll be put with them” when refereeing to Cross joining SAnity once again. Hopefully, if WWE decides to split up Cross and her SAnitY brothers, they have a good reason for it. After all, SAnitY could really use the push of having someone like Nikki Cross around.