Lars Sullivan Deletes Vulgar Tweet Directed At Fellow WWE NXT Call-Ups

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We previously reported how Lars Sullivan sent out a wonderful message saying that people should be giving all of their congratulations to his fellow NXT Superstars. It was rather heartwarming coming from a Freak like Sullivan.

Apparently, he didn’t appreciate all the positivity on his timeline, so he decided to shake it up a bit. Sullivan replied to his tweet a little later and unleashed in an online assault that he used to only reserve for bodybuilding message boards.

“In regards to this tweet, I’m admittedly being insincere. Everyone in NXT can kiss my ass, especially the 5 who stole my thunder. And all of you can kiss my ass. I hope your holidays are as miserable as mine. See you soon, WWE.”

Sullivan has since deleted this tweet, but we’ve been able to come across a screenshot of what he said. Having a guy like Lars on the WWE main roster is going to be very entertaining.

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