Vince McMahon’s WWE RAW Appearance Reportedly Sign Of Desperation

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Vince McMahon is showing up on WWE RAW tonight, but maybe he doesn’t really want to. RAW is in trouble and suffering in the ratings in a big way. Therefore, McMahon possibly felt that he had no other choice.

Wrestle Votes reports: “Tonight’s Vince McMahon angle is legitimately intriguing. I’ve heard Vince really didn’t want to come back to TV, so this shows signs of desperation. Is he really going to hit the ‘reset’ button? Not sure, but RAW is in need of a facelift either way.”

This is very interesting and the idea of hitting a “reset” button is intriguing as well. With WWE TLC leaving so many stories seemingly on-going McMahon’s announcement might change some plans. It’s his company and he can do whatever he wants, but you’ve got to wonder what could be too much of a shakeup at this point.

We will have to tune in tonight and just see what Mr. McMahon has to say.

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