Sonya Deville Says Naomi’s Only Offense Is “Flying Ass”

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Naomi and Mandy Rose were going at it last week on social media. This is when Naomi called Mandy a bootleg Eva Marie. This was entertaining, but when Sonya Deville put her hair up and squared up with The Glow on Twitter it really picked up.

Mandy Rose was just trying to congratulate Asuka on her WWE TLC win while saying that Naomi was holding her back. This caused Naomi to reply: “But the gag is…you’re the one holding @SonyaDevilleWWE back! Can’t wait for her to go full #MMA on your [peach emoji] for the old and the new.”

Deville fired back at The Glow and the two of them traded some insults. Then Deville came up with a doozy. “I won’t have my skillset be belittled by someone who’s most offensive move is a flying ass.”

That was quite a way to refer to Naomi’s Rearview. We really have to give the point to Sonya Deville in this online battle.

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