Nikki Cross Takes Fans Through Her Crazy Work Out Routine

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Everyone has their own favorite way of keeping in shape at the WWE Performance Center. This is one of the reasons why it’s so great because they can facilitate so many different kinds of workout routines. Nikki Cross recently took fans through her workout, and it was pretty entertaining, to say the least.

In a rare moment where you get to actually see Cross without her typical insane personality, she shows that there’s always a bit of crazy deep within the Scottish wrestler. Mojo Rawley was there too and he needed a shave, but he’s rather be hitting the lab at the WWE PC.

With her hair tied back, she imagines that she’s pummeling someone’s face in the gym. She’s hard at work waiting for her time because a main roster call-up has to be coming for Nikki Cross soon.

So if Cross is agitated and needs to release a bit of aggression, it’s nice to know she can always hit the gym and get that done.

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