Chris Jericho Busts New Japan Star Open In Recent Attack

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Chris Jericho is still taking part in New Japan as a heel champion who is up for pain and cursing. He likes underhanded tactics and recently invaded another event with a chair.

Shingo Takagi was one of the guys who took a stiff shot from Jericho last night in Japan and he was busted open because of it. It looked like a pretty bad scene for him.

Takagi tweeted out a few graphic pictures of himself all bloody and then bandaged up along with text that when translated from Japanese reads: “In the last game of this year, only a kanamaru and a rainy day bloody Despecard is always in the dome, and it is one difficulty to leave again and one difficulty”

This really looks like it hurt, but if I were a betting man Chris Jericho doesn’t really care much at this point.

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