WWE Superstar Upset About Having SmackDown Live Match Cut

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WWE SmackDown Live is only so long and with two hours to fill, which is one hour shorter than the red team’s show, sometimes they just plan out too much stuff.

Naomi and Mandy Rose have been throwing some bombs at each other via social media. The Glow has made a hobby recently of calling Mandy a bootleg Eva Marie. That obviously didn’t make Mandy too happy.

A match between the two of them was scheduled for SmackDown this week, but obviously, that didn’t happen.

“I’m not sure if my match got cut or if Mandy Rose just didn’t show regardless I’m over it I’ll let the fans handle this 1 for me,” Naomi said on Twitter. So she’s upset and going to let her fans handle this one which could be a good plan.

If I were a betting man we’ll see Mandy Rose and Naomi wrestle eventually. Paige also had a pretty big reason why this match didn’t happen either.

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