Chairs Match Added To WWE TLC Pay-Per-View

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Rey Mysterio’s WWE return has been very exciting so far and it looks like Mr. 6-1-9 is just picking up steam. After the WWE Crown Jewel match where Mysterio defeated Orton, The Viper applied a post-match beatdown. That was just the first of many to come.

Orton targeted Mysterio’s mask and really went at him trying to unmask the luchador during their match. Now they will have a chance to battle one more time at least this Sunday.

Yes, WWE is adding another match to WWE TLC. Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio is now booked for the Sunday pay-per-view. Tonight’s SmackDown Live is a go-home show, but it looks like we have a big match before the show even starts.

But wait, there’s more as this match is a CHAIRS MATCH. It looks like WWE TLC is going to be even more violent.

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