WWE Reportedly Isn’t Considering Obvious Hall Of Fame Possibility

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The WWE Hall Of Fame is always an interesting event. Vince McMahon makes his selections every year and he chooses things at his discretion without an announced formula. Perhaps we’ll someday see McMahon’s HOF math, but as of right now it remains a mystery.

Mike Johnson was asked during PW Insider Elite audio about WWE’s Hall Of Fame choices next time around. He was specially asked about Cyndi Lauper since they are going to be in NYC area, but apparently, that is one name they haven’t been discussing that he’s heard.

“There have been some names that have been kinda bounced around. I haven’t heard [Cyndi Lauper] and the names that I have heard I don’t feel confident enough in reporting yet because things change and just because they’re talked about doesn’t mean they’re going to happen.”

“It’d be like, ‘Oh it would be cool to put D-Lo Brown in the Hall Of Fame this year, it doesn’t mean that D-Lo’s going in. That’s kinda where we are with things.”

WrestleMania tickets are on sale and fans already have their WWE Hall Of Fame tickets, but WWE doesn’t have a name announced yet. Perhaps they’ll break out a big name soon enough to capture our interest, but they always have DX as a backup plan.

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