Dolph Ziggler Clears Out His Twitter Profile Deleting All Previous Tweets

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Bray Wyatt cleared out his Twitter account recently, but now it might be becoming a bit of a trend. Because another WWE Superstar has deleted all of his previous posts on the popular social media website.

Dolph Ziggler has put some great tweets out before, but they will only live on in our memories now because The Show Off has apparently washed his Twitter profile clean.

This is a very interesting turn of events and we wonder if more Twitter purges are to come. After all, a lot of people have been finding themselves in hot water over tweets that were sent out a very long time ago.

We will keep you updated if anything else develops in this situation, but at this point, it seems like Dolph Ziggler’s Twitter is going to be pretty bare for a bit. There is no telling exactly why he did this unless he comments on it himself, but if his intention was just to get us to notice, then it sure worked.


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