Paige Runs To Comfort Crying Fan At Recent Q&A

Paige has a lot of fans who really care a lot about her. They’ve stood behind her through some very tough times in her life and recently, Paige just had to give back.

During a Q&A, one fan was so moved to even get a chance to speak to Paige that she was crying before she would get her question out. Paige asked for the Q&A to be paused so she could do something quickly.

Suddenly, Paige ran down the aisle and hugged her crying fan. It was a pretty great moment and shows that Paige cares about her fans as much as they care about her. It is a symbiotic relationship in a lot of ways.

This was a cool great video to see and we thought we’d share some of the positive vibes this video is sure to bring anyone watching it.