Ronda Rousey’s Mother Sits At Ringside For The First Time In Her WWE Career

Ronda Rousey’s mother has seen her fight in the UFC before, but it wasn’t until she attended a live event in Santiago Chile that she got to see her daughter in a WWE ring.

AnnMaria de Mars, Rousey’s mother tweeted out: “Went to my first WWE event yesterday with our whole team from @strongmindesp It was way cooler than I expected.” Obviously, she had a great time watching her daughter at her new job.

It must be pretty awesome to see your daughter in a WWE ring. It was cooler than Ronda’s mom expected it would be as well which makes us wonder what she thought it was going to be like.

This was a pretty great moment for Ronda Rousey too. The RAW Women’s Champion later sent out a message saying she had a great time in Chile, especially since her mom could be there.