Ronda Rousey’s Mother Sits At Ringside For The First Time In Her WWE Career

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Ronda Rousey’s mother has seen her fight in the UFC before, but it wasn’t until she attended a live event in Santiago Chile that she got to see her daughter in a WWE ring.

AnnMaria de Mars, Rousey’s mother tweeted out: “Went to my first WWE event yesterday with our whole team from @strongmindesp It was way cooler than I expected.” Obviously, she had a great time watching her daughter at her new job.

It must be pretty awesome to see your daughter in a WWE ring. It was cooler than Ronda’s mom expected it would be as well which makes us wonder what she thought it was going to be like.

This was a pretty great moment for Ronda Rousey too. The RAW Women’s Champion later sent out a message saying she had a great time in Chile, especially since her mom could be there.

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