Reason Why WWE Reportedly Stopped Caring About Contract Tampering

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WWE has some big future plans and they need as many good workers as they can get, even if they’re currently signed elsewhere. We previously reported WWE has started engaging in some pretty flagrant contract tampering and it is reported that the reason they’re doing so much of this now is that they don’t see a risk of retaliation.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Kushida is currently on WWE’s radar and as current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, some might see a problem with that. However, the company doesn’t seem to care at this point if he’s signed to NJPW until the end of January.

It was said that with the exception of MLW and ROH, WWE doesn’t see much of a risk of anyone taking them to court over contract tampering. This shady business practice, of course, is when you try to discuss details of a contract with someone who is currently signed with another company. WWE has historically stayed away from this practice until recently when it seems they’ve started it up in a big way to make up for lost time.

It was noted that WWE isn’t very concerned about New Japan Pro Wrestling coming after them either because it’s such a difficult process to take legal action against a company based in another country. Japan’s process for doing so makes it even more complicated. That isn’t to say it’s an impossibility, but WWE doesn’t seem to be too concerned at this point as they carry on with their plans for expansion.

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