New Japan Pro Wrestling Bans Performer’s Entrance

Pro wrestling is an art form for many people and just like in any artistic endeavor, you’re going to have some people push the boundaries. Now it looks like one New Japan Pro Wrestling talent will be a little bit more limited on what he’s allowed to do during his entrance from this point on.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that NJPW President Harold Meij told Lance Archer that he wasn’t allowed to perform his entrance in the way that he used to anymore. Archer would typically come out with a bottle of water and by the end of his entrance, he would spit the entire bottle into the crowd as he walked around.

This got a little out of hand during NJPW’s last G1 event in the USA and several fans drew attention to how he just kept spitting on the crowd. Therefore, Meij made the call that Archer isn’t allowed to spit into the crowd anymore. This is a reasonable request for most, but Lance was said to be very unhappy about the decision.

Therefore, the next time you attend an NJPW show that Lance Archer is booked on, there’s no need to bring a poncho, because Archer’s splash zone is apparently no more