ROH Hires Former WWE Creative Team Member To Full-Time Contract

WWE isn’t the only professional wrestling company in the game at this point and some big competition could be coming in 2019. Now it looks like ROH has been able to snag a former WWE creative team member who could really assist the company in a big way.

PW Insider mentioned that ROH has hired Kevin Eck to a full-time position. Eck will be working with the company full-time from this point forward and his talents could be very valuable as a former WWE creative team member.

Eck was previously assisting ROH on material for their website and other content on a part-time basis. At this point, he is now a full-time member of the ROH team. He was with WWE as a creative team member from 2011-2014 and he was also the editor of WCW Magazine for a time.

WWE is reportedly hiring as many people as they can both in the ring and behind the scenes, but it looks like ROH got to Eck and signed him to a full-time deal before anything else could happen.