Chris Jericho Says The List Won’t Be Back In WWE

Chris Jericho spent the majority of 2018 doing his own thing apart from WWE, but you can never rule out a comeback for Y2J. He still has one match booked for NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom where he will defend the IWGP Intercontinental Championship against Tetsuya Naito, but his schedule seems to be free after that.

While speaking to Dalby on 104.9 The Wolf, Jericho revealed that WWE is always an option for him. However if we do see him make a return to WWE, he won’t be carrying The List Of Jericho along with him this time.

“WWE is WWE. I have an almost twenty-year history there. I could walk in the door tomorrow and know exactly what to do to get that reaction and I’ll tell you one thing there won’t be a list. That’s done. I mean I don’t feel it anymore.”

“It doesn’t feel right, maybe it will, but the thought of walking in with a list it’s like I just don’t feel like. It’s like when I see DX for example, and they come out with DX shirts and that sort of thing, it doesn’t feel the same. You know they should change the name or something, but that’s their thing. My thing is never do the same thing because that’s when people get bored or you, complacent. I don’t like that. If I’m gonna still be wrestling I still wanna be at the top of my game and still creating moments that people will always remember. The only way I can do that is changing who I am as a character and what I do in the ring and out of the ring that’s constantely evolving.”

It sounds like Jericho is pretty set on doing a new thing next time around in WWE. He has a ton of options concerning what he can do and said that nothing is in stone right now. But if I were a betting man, Y2J won’t be putting anyone on The List again anytime soon.

Dalby Vs Chris Jericho: Face To Face

Before Fozzy killed it at The Exchange, former WWE Superstar and Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho stopped by The Wolf to talk with our own @Drew Dalby about what's next for the band, and what's left for his wrestling career!

Posted by Regina's Rock Station, 104.9 The Wolf on Monday, December 3, 2018

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